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      1. Corporate Overview

        Byers Philosophy

        Executive Biographies

        Leadership / Visionary Team


        "Integrity, effectiveness, fairness, and compassion – these are the attributes for which I want to be known and by which the Corporate staff tries to support our employees and our clients. "  -- Denise Cummins Demick, CFO

        Denise Cummins Demick is a CPA who joined the firm in 1998, bringing with her more than fifteen years of financial, tax, and management experience. Her prior experience included financial management positions with both publicly traded and privately owned entities in a variety of industries, including health care services, employee leasing, and real estate development. She began her career in the tax department of Arthur Andersen & Company.

        A native of Atlanta, Denise earned a B.S. in Accounting with General Honors and a Masters in Accounting with specialization in Tax from the University of Georgia.

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