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      1. Services & Solutions


        Wireless Design

        Outsource Solutions

        GIS Consulting

        Software Solutions

        Software Development

        CAD / CAFM / IWMS

        Data Services

        Byers data services improves the input, translation, reconciliation and maintenance of enterprise asset data. Our solutions have been developed through the combination of best practice services, technology innovation, and our thorough understanding of the construction and engineering (C&E) work order life cycle environment. These solutions are designed to achieve the strict service levels and geospatial accuracy necessary to meet the business needs of our clients C&E organizations, while protecting the important asset that engineering records represent to our customers. The Byers data services offering includes:

        We have successfully posted millions of work order changes to our customers’ facilities records and manually or programmatically converted as many records from various data sources to a variety of GIS platforms, including Intergraph G/Technology (G/Comms), ESRI’s ArcGIS, MapInfo, and AutoDesk.

        Byers provides managed data services through a centralized delivery team to reduce the cost of service delivery through a more competitive cost structure. We support our clients through scalable work forces that are responsive to work flow fluctuations and provide customizable unit and lump sum pricing. Our solutions follow standardized methods & procedures and work flow processes that are tailored to our customer’s unique needs while providing meticulous quality assurance and project controls.

        Contact us for more information about our data services.

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